Old Family Photos

Uncle Will, Holly, & Betty (mom)

2/19/52 Dad is in the Middle

1950: Pepe/Grammy Glacier Park

LaValley Boys @ the Tilton Mansion

My dad (1947 … 12 years old) made this “Jeep.”

Melissa, Chris, Mike, Danielle, Sara Back – Joe & Matt

Sara, Michael, Matt, Joey: August 1989

Circa 1961 Me (Debbie) brushing my teeth

Leo, Cookie, Alba, Bob, Betty, Kay

Betty & Ken 2/17/1938

John and Olive La Valley – June 16, 1924

Dad, Mom, Uncle Ralph, Nana – Wellington State Park

The picture above was a scan of an old slide that I had. Our family has always enjoyed going to Wellington State Park/Newfound Lake. This shot was taken many years ago at one of our family outings.

MaryBeth & Debbie (me) at Newfound Lake

Newfound Lake – especially Wellington State Park holds a special place in my family’s heart. We love it there and when we say we are going “to the lake” – we mean Newfound Lake!

Betty & Tom 7/14/1956

This is a picture of my parents on their wedding day. You have to love my dad’s pompadour!

Pictured: Back Row: Ken Ross, Betty (my mom), Alba Front Row: Richard, Jim, MaryJane, Bob, Ralph

On the back of this old family photo “Uncle Joe” (my great grandfather’s brother) wrote: “This is the way i go (to bed? torn off) in the winter and i always have a smoke before i go to bed. from uncle Jo Lavaly”

I have many genealogy files.  I have to figure out how to get them here 🙂  Stay tuned.


  1. very nice blog. saw you on flickr. I’ll be back.

  2. I was looking at your geneology on Lavallee’s, which is extensive, going back to Sainte-Famille, France. By using this, I can make a connection to my family. I cannot find another geneology with this connection, though. Of course, I would really like it to be mine. Where did you get all your information? My great-great grandfather was Francoise Paquet dit Lavalle who moved to Vermont. At some point the name spelling was changed to Lovely, probably because someone could not spell it correctly. Thanks!

  3. Hello! My name is Cindy (LaPlante) Clarenbach. My mother was Ann (Farnum) LaPlante. Her mother was Marion May (LaValley) Farnum. My interest in learning more about my grandmother (I was only 5 when she died) was renewed when I saw that Sandra LaValley Clark died. Her father was Ernest and I remembered my grandmother had a brother by that name. I’ve been going through some old paperwork my Mom had (she died in 1999) and found a letter I believe you wrote to her in 1991 seeking family information. I do believe we are related. 🙂

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