Rebeca & Joe
Aug 1993: Dad, Uncle John, Uncle Dave, Uncle Don, & Grammy La Valley
Christmas 1987: Joe, Matt, Michael, Sara, Christopher
Many Meals and good times took place around Nana’s table in her kitchen.

Uncle Ralph and Uncle Bob

Sara & Matt Photo I took Many Years Ago
Tom Jr. Christmas 1960s

This photo was taken in the mid 1960s. It is of my brother Tom standing in front of the cardboard fireplace we had growing up. It had a light and rotating metal blade-type thing that made it look like real fire. I loved it. We had it for many years. I also loved the old pinecone tree seen on the left that my mom made. This shot also shows the little ceramic candle holder with the little fireplace and little mice. I wish we still had that. Great memories. I scanned this from a album my mom made for Tom that she just gave to his son Joseph. The candlestick phone lamp on the right was made by my Grampa Ross and Uncle Leo. It is a real brass candlestick phone that my Uncle Leo wired into a phone. My folks still have it.

1961 – Twas the Night Before Christmas

12/24/1961: This photos was taken at my Grammy and Pepe LaValley’s house. Left to Right: Debbie (me), Mom w/ Jackie, MaryBeth.

Victorville, CA circa 1971

This was taken on my cross-country trip with the Taylors during the summer of 1971 (I think). We stopped in Victorville, CA for a quick visit with my Uncle Bob and family. Pictured: Aunt Marilyn (Rob is in front of her), Uncle Bob, Me, and Kathy. It was a great trip and I had a blast.

Matt, Christopher, Sara – Ferry Ride to PEI 1992
Sammy the Crow

Sammy the Crow was a pet of the Ross family for a while. His story began on a fishing trip at Broad Cove when my Grampa Ross accidentally hooked a young Sammy when casting. He brought Sammy back home to take care of him. Sammy soon became a family pet and even would rest on my Uncle Jim’s arm. He was not kept in a cage and chose to stay around. One day, Sammy disappeared and they all figured he was gone for good. Then, about a year later, my mom was sunbathing in the yard and heard a “wolf whistle.” She sat up and noticed Sammy in a tree. He had returned for a visit. To this day, my mother has a soft spot for crows. She and my dad put food out for the crows in their back yard. Currently, my folks have about six crows that visit.

This is one of my favorite shots that I took of my Aunt MaryJane Bailey on top of Mt. Kearsarge. She is a sun worshiper and was basking in the light and glory of the day. It was many years ago – but this photo still makes me smile. Our family has had many good times picnicking and hiking Mt. Kearsarge.


  1. I enjoyed your pictures.

  2. Hi Deb, I really enjoy your facebook comments and photos, just looked at your blog, I am o happy to have the recipe, it sounded so good, I will try it this week…Thank you so much for the connection with our “Concord area family”, I miss all the family there….I amm gratedful that you can keep us connected, Much appreciated, Diane Tousignant, Pittsburgh, Pa……

    • I am glad that you enjoy the blog and my FB postings. It is a good way to stay connected! I know you will love the casserole. Let me know!

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