Posted by: Debra LaValley | November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009

The gale forced winds of yesterday have subsided. Many in NH were without power. Luckily, mine was only out for a few seconds. I went to see A Christmas Carol. It was very good but not great. It didn’t leave me with “I want to see it again.” The animation was amazing – but some parts of the movie were slow because it appears the director wanted to show off the animation or create a 3D effect (we did not see it in 3D). The little boy next to me jumped almost out of his seat at least twice. I wouldn’t say it is a children’s movie. It is very dark in places and scary for kids. In the middle of some of the very scary places – there is humor which seemed very out of place. The director was probably trying to lighten up the scariness of the scene knowing children would be watching. I don’t know if I will even buy it when it comes out. I will see.

We are having a mini-Thanksgiving today for my sister Jackie who had to work Thanksgiving Day.

I may try and get out for a walk today and take some photos..but it gets dark so early!


  1. I agree about the movie…it was good but something was missing. Can’t pinpoint what it was exactly but something did just not work right…. Polar Express which had a similar type animation was a far superior film…a modern classic in my book!

  2. Agreed, The Polar Express is a far superior movie! Thanks for the feedback!

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