Posted by: Debra LaValley | April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010

What a glorious day! 85 degrees in Concord! I had to dig out the shorts – it was like summer! A bit too warm for my liking -but no complaints for April 3rd. I can’t believe tomorrow is Easter – it seems like Christmas was only yesterday. I did my laundry and hung my sheets and towels out on the line. Nothings smells as good as sheets etc. hung out side! My mother and the neighbor were amused at my clothesline technique. It seems that I hung my sheets upside down – who knew?!

FYI – on Friday, I was on Jewett Road and passed Equinox Farms. They have alpacas. They are the cutest things!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


  1. I love how clothes and sheets hung outside to dry smell and feel. We can’t have clotheslines in our development which is absurd especially considering the need to go greener. I am hoping our next house allows us to have a clothesline. I miss having one.

    I read your blog off and on every week, Deb. Cool job.

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