Posted by: Debra LaValley | August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Honolulu Sunset

August already! I am hoping that the August weather that we had in July will not return 🙂 We only had one decent thunderstorm too with all that heat and humidity. A very good thing is that I didn’t have to worry about my dad ruining himself mowing the lawn in the nasty heat – because most of the grass is brown and crunchy! There is always a positive side to things. My new air conditioner has been LOVELY! I don’t even care what the electric bill will be. It will be well worth it!

I am on vacation this week. I am going to do day trips and just relax. I am also going to try and not let the kids from the upstairs apartment and next door irritate me. Most of the time – they are kids just being kids. It has been getting much better. The thing that bothers me the most is the throwing food and candy wrappers etc. all over the walkway and my steps. Maybe it is just me – but I don’t remember just throwing trash on the ground, etc. Maybe, I am just showing my age, and I was a slob too then! LOL! I hear stories from other folks and whether you live in your own house or in an apartment – you can never really choose your neighbors. The other neighbors are nice and quiet, and in the past 22 years – I have had some neighbors who were MUCH worse. So… I at those annoying times, I will yoga breathe and chant “school starts in a few weeks – school starts in a few weeks.” I will let them enjoy their last days of summer and then let the homework be piled on! Whahahahahahahaha! LOL! I am smiling already! 🙂


  1. I am trying to rememeber when you went to Hawaii. Did you know that poor Hawaii is experiencing an awful drought? You can check it out on the US drought monitor.

    • I have been to Hawaii three times (1988, 2000, and 2003 – I believe). Yes, I had heard they hadn’t had much rain. I have a friend that lives on Oahu that works for Hawaiian Dental Service and we still keep in touch. Thanks for the link – I will check it out!

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