Posted by: Debra LaValley | October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Sub-Adult Bald Eagle

“It was the best of times . . . It was the worst of times!” It was a bit blustery this weekend – but all in all a glorious autumn weekend in New Hampshire. I LOVE the outdoors and walking through the leaves and taking photos of the landscapes and the wildlife I see. I have walked in the woods all my life and get great enjoyment from it. What I don’t like – is the appearance of the VILE TICKS in New Hampshire. I know that I have ranted about the VILE things in a previous posting this past March when one was latched on to me! Yesterday – I had gone out into the woods to check on a couple of my geocaches and snap some autumn photos. All was right with the world. Then, later that evening – while I was enjoying my television show – I felt IT crawling up my wrist. THE VILE tiny tick (deer tick, I believe – the carrier of the dreaded Lyme disease). I grabbed it and gave it a live burial “at sea.” No pomp – no circumstance … just a wretch and a flush! I spent the next couple hours – doing a full body check times 4 and took a shower and then another few body scans. UGH! I am still twitching. There is no joy where TICKS tread! I can’t wait until there is a ground cover of snow – that stops the vile things!

But for the best of things . . . this morning as I drove to work and arrived at Horseshoe Pond, what to my wandering eyes should appear . . . but the sub-adult bald eagle that I have been seeing in Boscawen sitting oh so pretty in a tree by the pond. I found a place to park the car – stashed my pocketbook in the trunk – grabbed my camera and RAN toward the area. I stopped running when I got close as not to frighten it. It is the closest that I have ever been to a wild bald eagle. They are awesome birds! What a rush it was to see it up close. I actually stopped twitching about the tick for a while.

Stock Photo - Salem, MA

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