Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

Live Long and Prosper

I love science fiction! Yes, I am a Trekker (aka Trekkie) and even shook the hand of Nichelle Nichol (Lt. Uhura) at a Star Trek Convention. I spend a great deal of time watching the Syfy channel. I love that there is an entire channel dedicated to Syfy. The one thing that I have to speak out about is what the #@(*^#*(#$&#* is WWE SmackDown (aka very fake wrestling) doing on Syfy? What self-respecting Syfy fanatic would EVER watch fake wrestling? Is the wrestling FICTION? Most definitely — but it has NOTHING to do with science. I am annoyed because as I write this WWE SmackDown is on Syfy. I, of course, have switched the channel and am “patiently” waiting until 10:00 pm when the Syfy channel regains its scheduling senses and the season premiere of MERLIN is on. Now that is a real Syfy show! Those in charge of the Syfy Channel …PLEASE “Just say NO to Wrestling!” It is a waste of Prime Time Space!


  1. Excellent! Though I’m not a huge science fiction fan (I like some of it), I don’t get the connection either. Somebody, somewhere, made a REALLY bad business deal!!

    Rock on Debbie!

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