Posted by: Debra LaValley | February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

Grammy La Valley 02/05/1995

I spent many hours sitting at the kitchen table with my Grammy La Valley. We discussed family history, Penacook history, birds, various other topics and food. I would jot down many of her stories, and the Christmas after she died (2/20/1999) I put together a cookbook and collection of her stories entitled “Stories from the Kitchen.” I do not have an electronic copy any more because I can’t seem to get the information off the old floppy disks. Who knows what version of Microsoft Word it was typed in. So, I will soon – retype the document in my new computer. Other family members would like copies – so it will be good to go in and fix some of the typos I have found and add some of the things that I had omitted.

One of these omitted short stories was about a “Custard Butterscotch Bread Pudding” that my grandmother made. It was simple and also simply one of the most delicious desserts I have ever tasted. In fact, I bought a double boiler years ago to make it myself and even shared some with her. During her last few years, her eyesight had failed making it impossible for her to bake anymore, so from time to time, I would make some of her favorite recipes and share them with her. This bread pudding recipe she got while working at Beede Electric. She had overheard Leona Holt telling someone of the recipe. Once Grammy got home from work – she jotted down the recipe.

Custard Butterscotch Bread Pudding

1 cup brown sugar
3 pieces of buttered bread
3 eggs
1 pint milk with vanilla
(dash of salt – optional)

In a double boiler (grease the pan a little), place 1 cup brown sugar on the bottom. Then place the three stacked pieces of buttered bread face down on top of the brown sugar. Beat 3 eggs with 1 pint of milk and some vanilla (and the dash of salt – optional – not in my original notes, but I scribbled it in the margins with a question mark). Pour over the top of the bread and brown sugar. Do not stir. Cover and steam for about 1 hour or until custard is set. (Boil and then turn down a little). I found that it takes closer to 2 hours to cook.
When it is done, pour upside down into another dish. This is a great bread pudding with caramel sauce.

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