Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

It is nice that Molly is having a nice sleep. Last night – actually this morning in the wee hours – I was awoken by the sound of a cat (the sleeping Angel pictured above) running around the apartment apparently “chasing something.” I sensed the something was something small and furry and my adrenaline surged through my bloodstream. I jumped out of my bed – to see Molly run like a cougar from the bathroom to my living room chair – where she “watched.” I scurried quickly to grab my sneakers and put them on – just in case “the creature” zoomed across the floor and across my bare feet! The neighbors would not want to be awakened at 3:00 a.m. by a woman’s blood curdling scream đŸ™‚

I flipped on the lights after my feet were adequately armored against vermin – and grabbed my large MAG flashlight. Bravely – I illuminated the dark underbelly of the chair – there was nothing to be seen. Molly – ran to the other side of the apartment and started looking under the stove, behind the couch, and under the refrigerator. I found a toy mouse and threw it and she went after that for a bit. I didn’t find whatever she was hunting – which was NOT COMFORTING at all.

I went back to bed with the light on – sneakers and flashlight beside the bed – just in case. It seemed like hours before Molly finally – came into the bedroom and jumped on the bed and went to sleep. She fell asleep a lot quicker than I did.

In the daylight – I found no tell-tale signs of the creature . . . but it is probably lurking somewhere! It must have wanted to get out of the rain! Hopefully – there will be no repeat of The Hunt tonight. Perhaps, I will bait the Have-a-Heart trap tonight!

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