Posted by: Debra LaValley | August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011


I don’t feel like a serious topic today – but something very important has been weighing on my mind – and my hips . . . chocolate! I love chocolate and have never met a chocolate that I didn’t like. Friday, I happened to go to Shaws supermarket. It is not my usual choice – but I found myself in the “foreign” foods aisle. There was a UK, Mexican, and Oriental section. I gravitated to the UK section and gazed upon the salad cream, tea, jelly baby type candies, and assorted yummy candy bars. I decide on LION bar by Nestle. The colourful (hey-I had to add the “u” … it is an English candy bar!) image of a roaring lion on the package – sold me! Yes – marketing is EVERYTHING! I am a vegetarian – but with the right marketing – I would buy chocolate covered ants! Not far from the LION bar – I noticed a can of “Spotted Dick.” That is just wrong on SOOOOOO many levels. Perhaps – another blog will tackle that one. I certainly did not feel compelled to purchase it.

I controlled myself and purchased only the one LION bar. I consumed it as soon as I got to the car. It was something like a $100,000 Bar (aka 100 Grand Bar) by Nestle. This got me thinking. Why does a chocolate company change the names or promote similar candy bars with different names in different countries? Why not call a Mars bar a Mars bar no matter where you buy it? You would think it would be less expensive to use the same wrappers and commercials.

Even more troubling are the unique chocolate bars that are ONLY available in certain regions. For example – the very yummy Violet Crumble. It is a honeycomb center covered in smooth milk chocolate. It melts in your mouth. I know Cadbury sells these in Australia, and I have found them in Hawaii. It is a mystery to me – why it is not marketed in the mainland US. It is probably a good thing that the Violet Crumble is not easily accessible to me or I would be chubbier than I already am. I have zero will power where chocolate is concerned.

Thank goodness for the internet (you CAN buy EVERYTHING on Amazon)! The Violet Crumble is attainable without flying to Australia or Hawaii. However, ordering during the summer months is not recommended. No worries . . . I can wait! Until then, I will have to make do with a Twix or KitKat or 3 Musketeers or Snickers or Milky Way or Hershey . . . 🙂

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