Posted by: Debra LaValley | October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011


If you have ever had a cat in your life (notice – I did not say own a cat – you can never own a cat) – you probably have noticed that they have ESP. They can tell when you are going to do something they may not like (examples: give them medicine, cut their claws, or bring them to the vets). It doesn’t matter how sneaky or nonchalant you are trying to be – they know and head for the hills.

This afternoon was Molly’s yearly physical. I left work early (which most likely hinted that something was up) so I would be certain to get her in her carrier in time for her appointment. I brought her carrier out and placed it in the living room. I proceeded to go about the apartment as if it were just a regular day. Molly did her usual and didn’t appear to notice that anything was up.

It was time to leave,and there was no Molly in sight. I checked a few of her hiding spots and called for her – no Molly. She had “disappeared” into the shadows. I looked under the couch – no Molly. I looked in the bathtub – No Molly. I looked over by the computer – No Molly! Then, I looked under the bed. Initially, I did not see her – sitting there under the bed in the corner. She didn’t even blink. I tried to use my “sweet” voice – but she was not moving.

Her appointment was in 10 minutes! Luckily, the vets is right down the road from me. I had to think fast. What would make her get out from under the bed and into the open so I could grab her? A lightbulb went off in my head – the vacuum cleaner! Molly HATES vacuum cleaners. She doesn’t even like it when it isn’t turned on. Instead of my big vacuum cleaner – I grabbed my new Shark handheld vacuum cleaner. I grabbed it and headed to the side of the bed where she was hiding and turned it on. She was out from under the bed, in a flash. I had just enough time to drop the vac and grab her as she looked for a place to hide from the vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you that getting a 15+ lb squirming bundle of wildcat into a cat carrier – is like getting a square peg in a round hole! It is quite amazing just how strong a house cat aka small puma can be! I had tipped the carrier up earlier so I could “drop” her inside. It was far from a drop. I had to shove Molly down into it head first and slam the door shut. She was NOT happy. She wanted out!

We made it to the appointment. The staff and doctor liked the “dust buster” strategy that I came up with. They hadn’t heard that one before. Molly curiously behaved herself even though she looked humiliated. (I am sure she was silently plotting how to maim and dismember us.)

PS: Molly is doing well and is very healthy. She had her saber-like claws cut, her examination, and her rabies vaccine. She even lost 5 ounces (good for a cat) on her diet. 🙂

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