Posted by: Debra LaValley | October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011

“Witches, pumpkin heads, and black cats
Scary spooks and black bats!
Oh, it’s Halloween!”

“Halloween Night” – the song that I have been singing practically every October since the late 1960s when I learned it in the 5th grade. I remember the small music room at Charles Street school where I believe, Miss Pelletier, taught us the song. All these years, I could still picture the cover of the music book and the song’s page and the witch and bat graphics. For years, I have searched for the song without any success. This summer, I searched once again on the internet and found it via a blog! I was beside myself with glee (who says “glee” any more – Rudolph…LOL)! I was surprised to read that I was not the only one who remembered this song and was looking for it. Below is the link to the blog – check it out for more details.

It was very interesting that the son of Daniel Hooley who wrote the words and music of Halloween Night posted on the blog. His dad had died young – at the age of 38, and he was glad that folks were still enjoying his dad’s music.

A Doug Sewell posted a mp3 file of the music! (Click link below.) It was great to listen to the music again!

When I found the name of the book (ABC Music Series Book 5 Music For Young Americans) – I went to They REALLY do have EVERYTHING. I found a used copy of the book – in great shape and reasonably priced ($7.99 plus s/h) and ordered it. It has been like Christmas finding not only the song but the book too! Moral of the story – never stop looking! I have been looking for decades and finally hit pay dirt!

So check out the song – listen to the music and perhaps …SING along!

“Halloween Night is the time when
fearful things are seen. Look out”
Look out! It’s Halloween.”

So – check it out and perhaps even sing it a few times! It is a great song and perfect for Halloween!


  1. So nice to see this book and see this song after more then 45 years. It is one of my best childhood memories. Daniel had fine gift of creating music. Sure was a fun song for me and still is.Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi Deb! A friend on Facebook was asking about this song. It’s a song I learned in grade school at a very young age. I find myself singing it this time every year. After a quick search, I found your blog with this post about the song. Thanks so much for finding this info! Siobhan

  3. I learned this song in the 5 th grade in Massachusetts! Mrs. Lucy, our music teacher was wonderful! She dressed to the nines! Dresses heels hats and gloves! Brings back happy memories!!

  4. I am so delighted to run across your post today as I searched for this favorite Halloween song from my childhood!!! I sing it for my grandson and was not sure I had all the words correct. Ha! I had every single one! I can’t remember anything else these days!!! Thanks for the memory!!!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed hearing the song again. I too sing it this time of year. I learned it in 5th grade (many moons ago) 🙂 Happy Halloween!

    • Here is the link to a youtube video of the vinyl recording of the song – just in case you don’t get the email that I sent via my email account. Enjoy!

  5. Reblogged this on Debralavalley's Blog and commented:

    Since Halloween is almost upon us – I wanted to repost this entry from 2011. Enjoy and make sure to listen to the song!

  6. So glad you found the Halloween song. I think about it every year at this time. Does anyone remember a pilgrim and Indian song for Thanksgiving? I can’t seem to remember the words, but I do remember dressing in character in 4th grade for a Thanksgiving play.

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