Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

McKenzie – The Sweetest Dog Ever

Our family lost our furry friend McKenzie last Thursday (5/24/12). She had been very sick – and in fact a year ago last February was only given a couple weeks to live. McKenzie was the sweetest dog ever. She never growled, was friendly to everyone, and would take food out of your hand very gently. She was one of 6 puppies found abandoned in a parking lot on St. Patrick’s Day 12 years ago. An employee at Riverside Veterinary Hospital found them – scooped them up and brought them to Riverside! They were all given Irish names and loving homes were found for each of the puppies. My parents were the lucky ones to adopt McKenzie.

McKenzie had a great life filled with love. Everyone loved McKenzie. It was sad to see her slow down the last few months and especially the last week or so. She had a large tumor pressing against her heart. We were all fortunate to have her the extra 14=15 months after the diagnosis – especially after she was given two weeks to live.

Riverside was wonderful when the time came to help McKenzie find peace. They took her around to see all of her friends at Riverside both human and furry friends she used to play with at daycare. She was a very special dog, and we will all miss her.

I think even Molly my cat will miss her dog cousin. McKenzie was so gentle with Molly even though Molly could be a little bit of a wench to McKenzie. I love this photo below where McKenzie was trying to sleep and Molly was about to give McKenzie a little tap to wake her up.


This was taken 5/22/12. Rest in Peace – McKenzie


  1. So sorry for your loss Debbie.

  2. Hi Deb,

    I had never heard of frog bellies until I read your write-up. It was fun to read about them. Thank you for sharing. I’m a little late in extending my condolences on the loss of McKenzie. I share an extraordinary love for animals, so I understand the heartbreak when we lose our pets.

    God Bless,
    Susan Allen

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