Posted by: Debra LaValley | August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012

Frog Bellies

Frog Bellies

I wonder how many people are out there teaching the younger generations about Frog Bellies?

My mother taught us when we were very young. First you pull a leaf off of the Frog Belly plant. After that, you carefully pinch the leaf until it looks “wet.” Once you finish this step, you make a small tear at the base of the leaf and then put it up to your mouth and blow into it. It may take a few tries or more pinching of the leaf.

Frog Belly Leaf (already pinched – and blown up)

A Successful Frog Belly πŸ™‚

Side View of an Inflated Frog Belly

You have to wonder – who originally thought of doing this . . . and how many years ago?

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


  1. Deb I thought the leaf you h ad in your mouth was the caterpillar you showed us on facebook. ha ha ha.

  2. I may be a little eccentric – but I would never put a gross caterpillar in my mouth πŸ™‚

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