Posted by: Debra LaValley | November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012

Hardy’s Hill

A Memory or Two from Winters Past

Tonight, we may be seeing a little snow here in the area. Not the 2-4 inches they were forecasting this morning, but we most likely will have some ground cover by morning.

The other day, I was driving with down Elm Street with my folks, and we passed this house. My dad said when he was growing up, they would ski across the river at the Contoocook River Park (aka The Island) and go through the woods and up this hill to ski. They called it Hardy’s Hill back in the day. My mom added tonight that my father taught her to ski on that hill. I laughed and said he mustn’t have taught you very well considering you were kicked off the slopes at Waterville Valley. It seems she did not learn how to turn so she was a hazard to others. I remember her telling me this when I was a little girl. Tonight – she did admit that my father only gave her a few lessons.

My brother Ken must have inherited my Dad’s ski instructor gene. I went downhill skiing only once. I went night skiing with my brother Ken at Highland’s. I had never been on skis before. I rented a pair and by a miracle made it to the t-bar and to the top of the mountain. My brother told me that I just needed to jump off. I fell off to the right – my brother went to the left. Ken joined me and showed me how to “turn” … by telling me to press in with one of my legs – I would then “shoosh” down the hill in one direction and fall. I got up – applied pressure to the other leg and then “shoosh” down the hill in the opposite direction and fall. This pattern continued to the bottom. I went up the rope tow on the Bunny Slope a couple of times and attempted to improve my turns, but gave up and waited in the lodge! Thus ended my downhill skiing career.

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