Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013


NH Audubon Mid-Winter Eagle Count

I believe this is my third year as a volunteer for the NH Audubon Mid-Winter Eagle Count. I enjoy it very much. My territory for the count is along the Merrimack River from Jamie Welch Field in Boscawen to the Penacook Waste Water Treatment Plant off from Penacook Street in Penacook.

Today, I had five sightings. Each year, I seem to see more and more eagles. It is wonderful that our national symbol has been making a comeback. DDT almost destroyed this awesome raptor. Growing up in New Hampshire, I never saw an eagle. Many years ago, I started seeing an eagle only rarely. Now, I am glad to say, I see them fairly regularly.

Today – my first eagle sighting was an immature bird that flew over my head at the boat launch at Jamie Welch Field. It landed downriver in a tree and I watched it for about 15 minutes before it flew south. My next sighting was an adult sitting in a tree across the Crete’s cornfields on River Road in Boscawen. Just before lunch – I headed down Merrimack Street toward the treatment plant. I noticed an immature sitting in a tree behind the old railroad building. I snapped some shots, parked my car and walked down the road to get a better shot. A woman and her daughter were in their car and they too noticed the eagle. I snapped a couple quick shots and the eagle flew away. Much to my surprise – it landed around the corner in a tree near the lookout area near the treatment plant. I stayed in the car and snapped off some shots while it sat in the tree and then took off. The above shot was taken at this time. There are more in my Flickr photostream that you can click. It is located on the right side of this page.

After lunch around 2:30, I came back to the treatment plant and saw both the immature and adult eagles. I believe they both were the same birds that I saw before lunch. The adult bird caught a fish and brought it to a tree. The immature decided to join the adult who did not want to share. I watched them for quite some time. The adult was making a lot of noise.





  1. Very Nice photos Debbie and how nice it is to hear that you see more each year. When we were in Kodiak Alaska, I will never forget the whole side of a very large hill- covered with bald eagles. What a site.

    It was foggy and 40’s here too yesterday— may get into the low 60’s here today@! Kathy in Virginia

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