Posted by: Debra LaValley | March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013


Another snowstorm is heading up the East Coast. If we are lucky – the bulk of the snow will just miss us. The southern areas of the Northeast are not going to be so lucky.

It is always a great worry that we will lose power when there is a storm. Most of us are very dependent on electricity. If the power goes out most of us do not have heat, and houses lose heat quickly (They are not made like they use to be). We have to light candles, lamps, or carry flashlights. Once the batteries in our laptops and phones die – we are cut off from the Internet – which is a catastrophe to most. What are we to do with no internet, phone, or cable television! It is a very scary place for those of us addicted to technology.

Just think – back a couple hundreds of years ago – snow storms came and the houses had fireplaces to keep off the chill. Folks weren’t running to the local stores to buy milk, bread, and toilet paper for fear of being stuck in the house for a day or two. The stoves were run by coal or wood – so hot meals were still available. If you had to go out somewhere – you jumped in the sleigh and traveled over the snow (but most of the time – there was no need for you to go anywhere – so you just stayed home). You didn’t have to wait for the plow to come.

It seems like it is getting harder and harder for modern humans to deal with mother nature. Even the slight mention of a few snow flakes heading our way – seems to rile folks up into a frenzy. Heaven forbid you may have to spend a few hours at home in quite meditation, or reading, or talking (not texting) the person sitting next to you.

So – whether or not you get an inch or a foot of snow in the next day or so – remember the snow will melt. Break out a board game and enjoy each other’s company or start up a conversation. Spring will be here before you know it.

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