Posted by: Debra LaValley | August 24, 2013

Penacook's Albino Squirrel

Penacook’s Albino Squirrel

Always Have a Camera with You!

This morning, I headed out a little before 8:00 AM to pick up my mom to go grocery shopping. Whenever I drive down Lilac Street (what used to be West Main Street), I always check for the albino squirrel. I had not seen it for a few weeks or so – but today I saw it coming down a tree that was near the road. I pulled over – grabbed the camera that I had in the car and snapped some shots. I was a bit nervous for a while when I noticed a cat – stalking the squirrel that at that time was on the ground. The squirrel scurried up a tree … the cat followed … but luckily the squirrel was smart enough to go higher into the tree and out of the cats reach.

Cat Stalking the Squirrel

Cat Stalking the Squirrel

After shopping – my mom and I headed home and drove by Horseshoe Pond. I noticed something up in a tree and pulled over. It was an immature Peregrine Falcon.

Look at my feet!

Look at my feet!

Always have a camera with you! You never know what you might see!

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