Posted by: Debra LaValley | December 7, 2014

December 7, 2014


A Not So Quiet Beginning of the Holiday Season

Here in New Hampshire, we experienced a Thanksgiving that we will not soon forget. We had about a foot of heavy wet snow and about 73% of the state lost power for a time. I left work at noon on Wednesday – to beat the storm – but it was a very slippery drive home. I had some nice warm soup for lunch – and at 3:15 pm – with only about 2.5 inches of snow on the ground – I lost power! It wasn’t bad for the first few hours – the apartment was still fairly warm and I read and listened to the radio. My supper was a Fluffernutter. My only contact with the outside world was my cell phone. Since my battery was not fully charged – I limited my calles and internet access for about a minute or so an hour – to check in with the world. My parents’ lost their power about 7:00 pm.

My power came on at 9:55 pm and I turned the heat up and started recharging the cell phone. It was short lived – 25 minutes and back to black. By 1:00 am – my apartment was quite chilly. I decided to go to bed – but was scared half out of my wits when I heard a crash near my bedroom window. The beautiful maple tree out front split down the middle and barely missed my bedroom window and branches were on the porch. We were so lucky – the tree only nicked the edge of the porch roof. I was not happy being alone in the apartment with Molly after that and would have left if I could have – but the roads were terrible, and it would have taken a long time to shovel out my car. I listened to Christmas music on the radio and just waited until morning.

At day break – the storm had stopped, and I went out to clear off the car. The power came back on while I was outside at 7:15 a.m. My parents got theirs back – but then theirs went out again and came on a couple hours later. I went to their house and helped “snowblow” the back yard a bit so the dog could go out. There were also branches from their maple tree and apple tree that needed to be moved.

I was lucky that I only was 15 hours without power. Ken and Dorothy didn’t get theirs back until Saturday afternoon! Some folks were without power until Monday.

My mom and I went to MaryBeth’s for Thanksgiving dinner – but left shortly after we ate since my dad was back in Penacook (feeling a little under the weather). Ken & Dorothy were supposed to be hosting Dorothy’s family – but they ended up in Penacook at her sister’s house since they had no power. It was a Thanksgiving that we will not be forgetting any time soon.

Now things have settled down a bit – though there are still branches and snapped trees seen everywhere. The tree lighting in the newly renovated downtown Penacook happened 12/3. It looks very nice. The holiday banners for the street lights are in and should be placed soon. I will snap a new photo.

Here is hoping for a more peaceful Christmas . . . we had enough “excitement” for Thanksgiving.

photo 2 (1)

Close Call

Close Call

My Parents' Back Yard

My Parents’ Back Yard

View from My Parents' Back Yard

View from My Parents’ Back Yard

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