Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015

Prom 1953

Prom 1953

Graduation Days

June – the month of high school graduations.  Seniors from high schools everywhere are graduating into adulthood.  I remember it being exciting and scary.  It is a huge change for many.  Some go to college in the fall.  Some join the military. Others go on to various jobs or move away from their home towns.

Recently my mom shared that the day after her high school graduation in 1953 (Penacook High School), she and her best friend Carol Abbott went back to the high school and sat on the front steps.  They loved school – especially their senior year. They were sad it was over.

My mom’s immediate plans were to go to Concord Commercial College to study book keeping.  she said that she left the college after 2-3 months.  A few years later, she became a Certified Dental Assistant which became her career.

Her friend Carol Abbott – she initially went to school to be a nurse – but stopped and worked at the Penacook Bank.

(My dad – went into the Air Force.  He and my mom were the PHS Class of 1953’s Class Lovebirds.)

Saturday, at Alan’s Restaurant, PHS Alumni are going to be meeting for cocktails and reminiscing. I told my mom that she should go with Aunt Mary Jane.  It will be fun!  I hope they do.  I will let you know . . . and just maybe, I can capture a photo of my mom and Aunt Mary Jane on the steps of Penacook High School reminiscing of their Graduation Days.

Mom/Betty Ross 1953

Mom/Betty Ross 1953

Spring Show May 1953

Spring Show May 1953

Dad/Tom La Valley USAF

Dad/Tom La Valley USAF

FYI – I graduated from Merrimack Valley High School in 1975.  We are having our 40th HS Reunion in September.

My Senior Picture

My Senior Picture


  1. Hi Debbie,

    LOVE the blog and the photos… and that is gpa ken and nana behind you mom and dad in the first photo, right? Your mom and dad are so cute together… you dad looks like he enjoyed the top hat!! And, truly, you are so beautiful in your senior photo.. including rockin’ those cool glasses…. Thanks for sharing… and I hope your mom and Aunt MaryJane go to the reunion…Kathy and Doug

  2. Yes, it is Grampa Ken and Nana. They were at the Prom too (chaperones). Grampa Ken was on the School Board, I believe. My mom and dad were always so cute together in photos. My hexagonal wire frames were sooooo cool! LOL 🙂

  3. Hi Debra,
    I’m an adoptee, who is searching for her first family and Deborah LaValley has shown up as a cousin. I realize the spelling is wrong, but when I saw your high school photo, I thought I’d hit the Jack pot. So If you have any family history to share, I’d be really grateful. I will try to find a simliarly aged photo to share with you.
    best wishes,
    Kathryn Hollinger

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