Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015

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“Those Summer Nights . . .”

The old telephone pole was replaced not too long ago – but this telephone pole stands in the same place on the street that I grew up on.  It is now Hullbakers Place – but it will always be Pine Street to me.  This telephone pole was the place to be when I was growing up .  It was our “ghoul” when we played Hide and Go Seek.  Back then we would hide and eventually run and touch the telephone pole yelling “My Ghoul 1.2.3…”  (It wasn’t until years later that I realized we were really trying to say “My Goal 1.2.3).  All of us kids on the street used to meet under this street light . . . especially on summer nights.  We would stay outside until our folks called us in.  We would play Hide and Go Seek, One Two Three Red Light, Giant Steps, and much more here.  Sometimes, we would just hang out and talk.  I have fond memories of all the games we all played.  Do neighborhood kids play outside any more>  Or do they just stay inside and stare at the computers?

Fast Forward 2015 . . .

Last night, we used my mom’s new “fire pit” for the first time.  We had a great time sitting around the campfire.  We chatted and cooked S’mores!  We saw our first firefly of the season too!

Mom, Aunt MaryJane, Jackie, Quincy, and Sara

Mom, Aunt MaryJane, Jackie, Quincy, and Sara

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