Posted by: Debra LaValley | February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016


It Looks Like Spring!

By the looks of the Contoocook River coming over the York Dam in Penacook (Contoocook Island), you would think it was spring already. We have not had a lot of snow – but we certainly had a lot of rain the other day. The rivers are very high. I decided to walks out to the park and see what the water looked like coming off the dam. What a roar. I took video as well.

Video 1 – Contoocook River

Video 2 – Contoocook River

I snapped more photos – a selection is on my Flickr Photostream, if you want to see more.  The paths out to the dam were icy in places – so I walked through the woods since most of the woods since the ground was bare in most spaces or just a little snow.  I had my sneakers on and didn’t get wet.  I have always liked walking out here.  This is where the old  Contoocook Island River Park was in the early 1900s that my Grammy loved going to.  It was not far from her house on Washington Street.  Below are some of the old postcards – circa 1909 that I have of the park when it was in its hey day.






GramStories CRP

The above is from the Stories from the Kitchen “book” that I wrote after my Grammy La Valley passed away.  I compiled her stories that I jotted down when I would visit with her along with some of her favorite recipes, family photos and genealogy.

Ha e a great rest of the weekend!  March is almost here!


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