Posted by: Debra LaValley | March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016


Mmmmm Good!  Love that Real Maple Syrup!

The weekend before last was Maple Weekend where various sugar shacks in New Hampshire have open houses, and you can learn about the process of boiling the sap and making maple syrup.  You can also buy yummy syrup, etc.  I love going to Ledge Top which is within walking distance from my house. I went both on Saturday and Sunday.  I bought syrup and their delicious BBQ sauce.  Mom bought homemade doughnuts made right there (she froze some and I had two tonight!). They also had samples of dips and maple milkshakes.  There was no snow this year so no sugar on snow as in years past.

Seems like our Grant ancestors that lived in Tunbridge, Vermont boiled maple syrup too.(John Grant and Polly Bacon Grant are my 4th great grandparents.  Their son Major Grant married Sarah Luce.  Their daughter Cora Grant married Marshall Sherman Ross and that is how our Grant and Ross Clans came together.)  I remember my mom talking about other relatives in Vermont who boiled syrup.  Ken and Dorothy (my brother and sister in law) boil a bit of syrup themselves.

Below is an article about the Grants written in 1993 in a Tunbridge newspaper:


I think Mr. Farnham sent me this article years ago.  I hope you enjoyed it.




  1. Hi Debbie— things CRAZy here but good! We sold our house very quickly and now need to move out by the end of the month.. all of our stuff is going to a storage unit because I don’t have my orders yet for Japan … when that happens the military will then move all of our stuff to Japan or to storage…we are feeling very blessed to have sold our house so quickly so this is a minor thing really…

    but you realize how much stuff you have when you have to put it all in boxes!

    Anyway, can you change our email address to…. . we will be shutting off our comcast account at some point… I hope you are all well there. It is way too cold here for this time of year.. 30’s tonight and maybe some snow flakes!! We still have the heat on for heaven’s sake!

    We had a nice trip to see Kristen and her boyfriend Colbie a few weeks ago. Kristen will be finishing up her first year at U of Florida and things seem to be going well. It was nice to see her. Kyle is starting Special Ops training (like navy seals!!) in NC this week…. dangerous work and it worries a mother’s heart…. Erik doing well in Utah and we hope to see him this summer… and Kristen at Christmas and probably erik too… and we’ll see Kyle maybe when he is in NC but most certainly in Japan as he’ll be on deployment there starting in June!

    I sincerely hope that maybe you can visit? We will be about 40 miles south of Toyko… I will give you a call once we move out of the house as I expect we’ll be here in VA until at least June… trying to be patient with God’s timing and realizing it will all be okay..

    Take care and give everyone our love! Kathy and Doug

    • What an adventure! Maybe you should start a blog! 🙂

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