Posted by: Debra LaValley | October 18, 2016

October 18, 2016


Fall is in Full Bloom – A Casper Sighting & More

Even though we had a dry summer and have been in a severe drought, the trees have been quite lovely this year. You really cannot beat New Hampshire in the autumn!  I would never live anywhere else.  I love our 4 seasons!  I don’t even mind the snow as long as my power stays on, and I don’t need to shovel my car out 🙂 My snow tires have helped a great deal.


I have been seeing Casper the past few weeks – but I either am in a hurry and can’t stop or didn’t have my camera with me.  Today – I had the Nikon and my new 18-300mm lens.  It was drizzling and a bit dark; however, I did get a couple decent shots that I cropped.

Creepy story – in honor of Halloween:  I was in a meeting last week, and we were talking about unusual graves in the area.  Someone spoke of a grave in Concord where the person was afraid of being buried alive so had pipes for air and a door on the grave.  Well, I went out in search of it and found it!  Creepy – but back not too far in history – folks were afraid of being buried alive because mistakes were made.  Medical science was not what it is today.  The grave had 2 pipes in the back. There was a door – latched and locked and two handles.  Creepy!!!


I have carved my first jack o’lantern of the season – the New Moon white pumpkin. It was getting too ripe.


Enjoy your week!


  1. Always enjoy your post! My great grandmother to me a story of when she worked for the Bishop in Manchester. The priest was doing a funeral and part way through the service the man sat up not sure of what was happening. The priest was young with very dark hair by the end of the service his hair had turned pure white, with his skin just as white. Needless to say the man was alive. After hearing this story I have decided to be nothing but ash when put in the ground. When I saw your post the other day I understood about the pipes in the ground!

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