Posted by: Debra LaValley | October 22, 2017

October 22, 2017


You Are Never Too Old to Be A Kid At Heart

A couple weeks ago, my sister Jackie, mom, and I were watching the Food Network’s Halloween Wars – and they were making spooky ginger bread houses. We were saying how we had never made a ginger bread house.  Jackie had built little houses out of graham crackers when Matt and Sara were small – but never made a real ginger bread house.   I had seen Haunted House kits in the grocery store – so yesterday, I bought one.

Today, we all made the Haunted House made out of chocolate cookie “ginger bread.” It was great fun. We sat around the kitchen table assembling the house. Our Haunted House was not as perfect as the photo on the box – but we love how it came out. Haunted Houses should not be perfect … They are a bit run-down and have character.



My mom had us add her Halloween Smurfette, Pumpkin Smurf, and little ghost to the final creation. They really added to the look!



Halloween is so much FUN!



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