Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018


It Has Been a Busy Couple Weeks!

Congratulations to Joe and Rebeca who were married on May 27th! The weather just barely cooperated (it was a bit chilly – but the rain held off) – but it was a beautiful wedding! It was great spending time with family who we do not get to see very often and meeting new family and friends! Welcome to the family, Rebeca!



Michael, Rachel, and Clara were here from Oklahoma. Little Clara has grown a lot since her last trip to NH!

I was forced to eat a great deal of delicious food over the past couple weeks. 🙂 I will not be standing on a scale for a week or so. We had to go to Richardson’s for homemade ice cream and Chief’s – of course!  There were also cookouts, campfires, and a birthday party for Clara.  We certainly packed in a lot of special moments in the two weeks.




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