Posted by: Debra LaValley | September 16, 2018

September 16, 2018


Pepper Jack

Yes – my cat has taught me to play with my food. Hahahaha! Not that I need much help being silly. Today for lunch – I decided that I better eat the orange pepper that I bought last week. They don’t “give” the orange and yellow peppers away – and I didn’t want it to go bad! When I had it on the shelf, I noticed how much it looked like a little pumpkin- sooooooo … I just had to carve it into a jack o’lantern.

Of course – you can’t have a carved pumpkin without lighting it. Luckily – I had a little candle readily available and lit my little Pepper Jack. I took quick photos – because the oil was hot in the pan and waiting to saute my pepper with some nice sweet onions. Maybe, I should have had a glass of Chianti and some fava beans? Poor Pepper Jack! 🙂 He was delicious with my veggie burger.


Last night, I had watched the original HALLOWEEN movie for the very first time. Believe it or not – I had never seen the entire movie – only clips. It was a bit slow and predictable, but I am glad that I watched it. I will most likely go see the sequel that will be coming out soon. Jamie Lee Curtis is starting in the movie again.


Halloween is Coming . . .

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