Posted by: Debra LaValley | December 23, 2018

December 23, 2018


Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is almost here! I have been watching a zillion Christmas specials 🙂 We don’t know if it will be a white Christmas! Right now – things are pretty green and brown around here. We have a slight chance of a trace or 1 inch tomorrow night for Christmas Even.

It would be nice to have a White Christmas – even if it is just a wee bit of snow.

I am in good shape for Christmas – everything is wrapped and purchased. I may pick up some little things tomorrow at Dollar General, but I am really done.

I look forward to seeing family on Christmas Day. Tomorrow night – I will be taking my mom over my cousins after mass for a get-together. It should be fun.

More tomorrow!

(PS – I gave Rodney the Reindeer a Santa Hat tonight. The Gnome (I names him Cedric) is a Cosmic Moose creation that I requested. The artist is Charles Kuisinas (another 12/26 – baby). I think Cedric is adorable and looks great standing near Rodney and Rhonda!)

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