Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 8, 2019

June 8, 2019


Bears and Eagles – Oh My!

We have heard of bears in my mom’s yard for years – but it has only been since last year (thanks to my trail camera that I have set up there) that we have had photographic proof of bears wandering through her yard – which is far from wilderness.  Luckily – the bear(s) has not done any damage since my mom took in her feeders.  She did lose a couple suet feeders before we knew what was happening.  I put up the trail camera that I had taken down for the winter and we had proof that a bear was getting her suet.

My Uncle Ralph was visiting from Texas when we got the first photos of a bear this year.  It is a pretty big bear too.  No cubs – so that is a good thing because mother bears with cubs in the neighborhood would be a bit unsettling given how protective a mamma bear can be.



Of course – I must give a quick update about the eaglets.  Both eaglets appear to be growing quickly and doing well.  Today – I was there and one of the parents brought in lunch.  I watched for over an hour.  The parent was busy shredding whatever lunch was.  One of the chicks was not a sharer.  It reminded me of the seagulls in FINDING NEMO – “Mine!  Mine!  Mine!”


If you want to watch a short 10 second video that I took today – click here:

Lunch Time

Have a great month, everyone!



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