Posted by: Debra LaValley | July 1, 2019

July 1, 2019


The Eaglets are Flying

I checked the nest a couple days and found it empty.  It was eerily silent and empty.  I figured that I would most likely not see the babies (who all are grown up now) again.

Yesterday, I swung by the nest hoping that I would see something.  When I arrived there was one eaglet in a branch above the nest.  I was very surprised.  I was hoping to see it fly and get a picture – but no such luck.  I needed to leave to get my sister – so I picked her up and brought her to my mom’s and returned to the nest.  The eaglet was now in the nest and eating lunch.  I must have missed one of the parents dropping off food.  I watched the young eagle eat and then it looked in the distance and before I knew it – the dad flew into the nest.


The dad and young eagle were busy eating when from below was hear the screeching  of the other young eagle.  I then notice it in a tree limb below the nest.  It was very vocal.  A bluejay was bombarding it and the eagle finally took off and flew around to the back of the nest to join its sibling and father in the feast.





Dad did a bit more housekeeping as the young eagles ate.   He stayed a while longer and ate a bit himself – before flying off.  A thunder storm came in so I left.  The two young eagles were still in the nest.  I am sure that their time back at the nest now that they are flying will be rarer and rare.  I certainly will miss watching them.  It has been an exciting spring.  I hope they both make it.  The first year is the hardest.  The parents will most likely keep an eye on them for a while to make sure they are doing ok – as long as they know where they are.  It is a very vocal time.  I still am amazed that we have eagles so close to home.  I would have never dreamed of seeing them being in NH let alone nesting in New Hampshire, when I was growing up.



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