Posted by: Debra LaValley | April 5, 2020

April 5, 2020

Signs of New Life


I stopped by the local eagle’s nest yesterday. There are signs that babies (or baby) have hatched. It will most likely be awhile before they are big enough to peek over the edge of the nest.

New Life … a good sign in these stress-filled days. “Stay at Home” is assisting me on my diet and housecleaning. I even do my dishes more often. It is hard not visiting folks – but at least the internet can bring folks closer. Last night – I had a long chat with my cousin Kathy who currently lives in Japan. They were scheduled to return to the states this month – but that has been delayed due to the virus. She and Doug both sent their best wishes and love to all of us here.

Stay Well and Safe! Also – try and stay connected – a phone call or video call, etc.

God bless everyone! Take care!

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