Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022

We Soldiered on Through a Very Cold Month

I am not sorry to see January come to an end. It has been a very frigid and windy month! This past weekend, we had a nasty nor’easter. Cold is one thing but high winds driving the temps subzero is not fun. (Still better than 90 degrees and humid LOL!) It has been too cold to do too much outside of the house, so I have taken to playing with my food. I saw Arthur (above) on line and had to buy him. I have always wanted to try a soft boiled egg in an egg cup and dip toast soldiers into the runny yolk. It was quite fun! I love to play with my food – especially after being cooped up. Between the Omicron variant of Covid everywhere and the cold, I don’t get out much. I have been creating my own entertainment.


Another treat is to dip toast soldiers into hot cocoa. This is an old favorite that we used to have growing up – especially after playing outside on a cold winter’s day. I limit myself to a couple pieces of toast. I could go through quite a few more pieces. There is something about toast with lots of butter dipped into hot cocoa. Try it! (FYI – I have put on a few pounds . . . I am back on the exercycle!)

Today, I decided to make myself some homemade Vegetarian Vegetable soup. It was a perfect lunch for another freezing day. The Nessie ladle was a present from my niece Sydney a few years ago. It was a set of two. She knows her aunt well. It was delicious, and I have enough for a couple more meals.

It is always nice to have a snuggly cat too during these cold days. Maisey is such a sweet kitty! Cats surely have a knack for getting comfy.

I hope this finds you happy and well. Stay warm!


  1. I love that you play with your food. I love that you surround yourself with cool toys and curiosities. It makes me happy to see your sense of humor. I also like your photos. I am going to try the buttered bread dipped into hot chocolate. I have to be careful about how much I “try” because I am ultimately trying to LOSE weight. Lol. That is all. I just wanted you to know that your fun world makes me smile. Have a nice day!

    • Thanks, Charlie! I know you like fun too. I love your art – it is magical! 🙂

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