Posted by: Debra LaValley | May 21, 2022

May 21, 2022

OMG, what happened to April and most of May?

Time certainly seemed to fly by! April 1st was my last post. I could have sworn that I posted since then! So, what has been happening all these weeks? The weather has been strange, which is pretty typical for New Hampshire. We freeze then we have very warm days! Today is supposed to hit 90. It is very humid. I don’t know if we will hit 90. It will be close. It was foggy this morning and it took a while to burn off. We didn’t have bright sun until about 1:00. Tomorrow is supposed to be very hazy, hot, and humid! I do not like that at all! I recently had a week’s vacation and managed to capture a photo of a lovely Green Heron. I do not see one of these little guys very often.

The local eagle’s nest and family are doing well. It appears there is only one eaglet, and it is about 8 weeks old today. I was able to snap some shots of it today. The tree below the nest has grown a lot and is obscuring the nest. The eaglet likes the back of the nest. I got luckily today and it moved to the front of the nest.

It is almost Memorial Day Weekend! Take care and Hope everyone is Well!


  1. Happy May!

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