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February 25, 2018

No Bats in the Belfry

Excitement at church today(the Immaculate Conception Church in Penacook, NH).

First, a little background. At the stations of the cross on Wednesday. my mom said a bat was zooming all around the inside of the church. My mom is afraid of bats (she thinks they are going to get in her hair). She said she had all she could do to stay at church that evening. She couldn’t believe how calm everyone else was. She told father today – she hardly paid attention to the stations since she was more interested in the location of the bat.

So – when we went to the 8:00 AM mass this morning, my mom wondered if we would be seeing the bat zooming around during the service. She was NOT looking forward to that prospect.

I actually like bats and think they are cute. I wouldn’t want one flying around my apartment – but I like them. We sat in one of the first few rows in the right section. We both scanned the ceiling etc. when we first arrived – No signs of any bat.

When it was time for the collection, three men walked to the front of the church with the collection baskets. I noticed that the basket held by the man heading down our aisle had something on it. At first – I thought it was a leaf. When he was beside me passing the basket to the other side of the aisle, I noticed a “sleeping” bat dangling from the basket near the handle. I quickly tapped the guy on the arm and told him he had a bat on his basket, and I pointed to it. (My mom had not noticed – she said she would have screamed.) He actually reached down and cupped the bat in his hand – but did not remove it. I wouldn’t have touched the bat. Can you say – rabies?

I told my mom that the bat was swinging off the basket. I had all I could do not to laugh hysterically. Our shoulders were quivering as we tried to keep from laughing. I could see others holding in the laughter too.

When the man came back up the aisle to pass the collection basket to us – I gazed around to where the bat had been dangling, and the man jiggled the basket in jest. He had a big smile. I bat was gone. I almost laughed out loud but controlled myself.

After mass, I found out that the bat had been killed. I was a bit sad to hear that – but if they tossed him out into the cold and snow – he would have probably died a slow death. (I also hope that the man who touched the bat – washed his hands and kept the dead bat to have it tested for rabies.)

RIP Mr. Squeaks.

PS – I really really wanted to stop the man with the basket and snap a quick photo with my cell phone – but being in church in the middle of mass, I thought it would not be the appropriate thing to do. So – at breakfast at my mom’s – I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and did a quick sketch. Below is a cropped version of my sketch of the bat hanging from the collection basket.


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February 3, 2018


Love is In the Air

I saw the local eagle couple sitting very cozy together today. They were in one of their favorite winter spots on Commercial Street in Penacook. The male is the eagle on the left. He is always so cooperative and loves to flash me his band.

020318 A4

The female – loves to be a wench and I rarely see her band. She was very sassy today – she would look like she was going to show her band for me – but she just wouldn’t. When she finally flew off – she tucked herself as long as possible so I could not get a clear shot. (I am guessing the female sitting with Orange A/4 is Orange C/K.)


I am still trying to be the first to get a clear band shot of Orange C/K this year! I am very patient 🙂

Here are links to a couple short videos that I took today as well of them sitting there.

Local Bald Eagle Pair Sitting in a Tree

Bald Eagle Pair and Nuthatch


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January 8, 2018


Two Eagles in The Tree Yesterday (1/7/18)

I saw two eagles in the same tree that I saw the one eagle yesterday. I definitely saw Orange A/4 yesterday (see above). I got a great shot of his bands. He is not the eagle that I saw yesterday. I cannot prove what eagle I saw yesterday or the other eagle in the same tree with Orange A/4 today. It could be Orange C/K – but that is only a guess – no proof since I did not get a band shot. Hopefully, I will get one soon. Below is the eagle that is not A/4. This eagle was sitting on the same branch as the eagle seen 1/6/18. It does appear to be the same eagle.


Another shot of the handsome Orange A/4 below:


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January 6, 2018


They’re Baaack! Or At Least One Is

I am fairly certain that this is one of the local pair. If I had to guess – I would say, the now 11 year old, Orange A/4. He likes me (lol) and has let me photograph him often since I first saw him 4 years ago. He was sitting in one of his favorite winter spots. It is an terrible cold day today (subzero wind chills – in the double digits). Luckily – I did not need to get out of my car to take some shots. I saw him around 2:30 pm. I have been checking the area – hoping to see him and his mate (Orange C/K). They both have been seen perched in this particular tree over the years.


I never tire of seeing eagles. They are such majestic birds! I hope the pair has a successful nest this year. Last year – they switched trees and built a new nest, and they did not have success. The three years before in the first tree were successful. I am hoping they go back to that tree this year. Time will tell.


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January 1, 2018


Happy New Year 2018!

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy 2018! May it be a year filled with peace and love for all!

2017 went out in a deep freeze here in NH and 2018 is still in a deep freeze. I don’t mind the cold – but when the temps fall below zero and there is wind – I am not enjoying it! I am looking forward to temperatures in the 20s! I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi yesterday afternoon! I really enjoyed it and recommend it to any Star Wars fan.

Stay warm!


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December 22, 2017


Winter is Here

It looks like we will be having a White Christmas! We had a good base on the ground for a while, and today, it has been snowing like the dickens!

“Like the dickens” – is an interesting saying that folks of a certain age at least in New Hampshire say to mean “a lot.” Check out the origins on Google. It has been around for a long time. I wonder if other areas in the US say this phrase?

It is still snowing a little – but tomorrow it will be changing to freezing rain and then rain. Sunday there will be Sun but Christmas morning will be ringing in with another snow storm. I don’t mind snow in moderation – but it is starting to push it a bit. At least there are not ticks (I am phobic about ticks. They are vile things.)

I have been trying to get Molly to wear her reindeer antlers – she is not cooperating.



Merry Christmas!

(PS – I thought I had written this and posted it already – but something happened so I had to redo it. I hope this post works this time.)

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December 9, 2017


On Our Way to a White Christmas

Today, most of the state is being covered with a bit of snow (2-6 inches depending on where you live). We will probably have about 4 inches here in the Concord/Penacook/Boscawen area. I don’t mind snow as long as it comes in small increases (4 inches is acceptable). It started snowing around 1:30. I had picked up Aunt Mary Jane and then Mom and we were heading to Barrington for Dorothy’s birthday party. I fish-tailed off on a on ramp – even going slow – luckily we stayed on the road. My mom then said if I thought it was too bad – we could turn around. We kept going until Epsom – hoping it would not be so bad but it was slippery and cars were driving too fast. This was the first real snow storm of the season. We had a tiny bit a couple weeks ago – but it wasn’t even an inch. We called and said we were turning around and heading back home – it was too slippery. The storm was supposed to be worse the further east – so we would have been going toward the worst of it.’

It was good to be home since it was slick in many spots. I had supper with my mom (she treated – we had Subway grinders) and then I went home. I snapped these shots tonight in downtown Penacook.


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December 1, 2017


Heading toward a Super Moon

I couldn’t resist trying to snap some shots of the moon tonight. This is a quickie shot – I like how strange it looks. The clouds where moving across the moon over the roof tops. The chimney is waiting for Santa who will be visiting later this month.


Penacook had its tree lighting a couple nights ago. I took these shots last night.


My tree is up! I opted for a small skinny tree instead of the 6 foot artificial tree that I bought about a month ago. I wanted more room. It is small – but I think it is cute. Maybe next year, I will put up the big tree. Molly spends a lot of time – trying to eat the tree and pound on the ornaments.


Enjoy the Season!

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November 15, 2017


Aunt Cookie’s Brown Bread Recipe

I love brown bread – especially with baked beans. Yum – especially with raisins. B&M sells it in cans (at least in New England) – with and without raisins. My mom said she wrote down this recipe from Aunt Cookie before Aunt Cookie died. It is THE BEST brown bread recipe. I think my mom will be whipping up a batch soon! I will make sure to take photos. (I can just taste it now – warm and dripping in real butter!)

Aunt Cookie was a great cook! Her lemon meringue pie and her “Secret Chocolate Cake” were winners too!


LeoCookie 2002 001

Uncle Leo & Aunt Cookie


Ross and Preve Family

More Oldies 003

Snow Street our by the Fire – many years ago

PS – My mom made the bread on 11/18/17 – It was delicious! She also made homemade baked beans to go with it. Yummy Yummy


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November 13, 2017


Winter is Coming . . .

We had our first “measurable” snow today in the Concord Area. It was actually pretty – especially since it was only about an inch and not a ton to shovel or worry about power outages etc. I don’t mind snow – as long as it is in moderation.

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! What happened to November? It always seems to just vanish. At least the snow has brightened up the boring brown and gray of November.


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