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August 12, 2019


Aaaahhh! Newfound Lake

Yesterday, my mom, Aunt Mary Jane and I returned from 2 lovely weeks lakeside! This year, we decided to upgrade to the cabin with a private beach and private fire pit. The first few days were a tad too warm and humid for my mom and me – but Aunt Mary Jane loves that type of weather. Most of the two weeks – the weather cooperated – there were a few showers and thunder storms – but nothing all day. There were a couple cooler days – my favorite.

This year, my sister Mary Beth rented the cabin behind us for a week and her son Christopher and grandson Lucian spent much of the week there as well.

Family friends – Beth & Will Dixon own a cabin right on the water in the same association so we were able to spend time with them too. Also – we helped them celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on the 9th. Their daughter Sarah brought them a delicious gluten free chocolate and mousse cake from Bread & Chocolate. It was so yummy.

Good times! It is our family’s most favorite lake! I hope all are having a wonderful summer!

Debbie 🙂


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July 1, 2019


The Eaglets are Flying

I checked the nest a couple days and found it empty.  It was eerily silent and empty.  I figured that I would most likely not see the babies (who all are grown up now) again.

Yesterday, I swung by the nest hoping that I would see something.  When I arrived there was one eaglet in a branch above the nest.  I was very surprised.  I was hoping to see it fly and get a picture – but no such luck.  I needed to leave to get my sister – so I picked her up and brought her to my mom’s and returned to the nest.  The eaglet was now in the nest and eating lunch.  I must have missed one of the parents dropping off food.  I watched the young eagle eat and then it looked in the distance and before I knew it – the dad flew into the nest.


The dad and young eagle were busy eating when from below was hear the screeching  of the other young eagle.  I then notice it in a tree limb below the nest.  It was very vocal.  A bluejay was bombarding it and the eagle finally took off and flew around to the back of the nest to join its sibling and father in the feast.





Dad did a bit more housekeeping as the young eagles ate.   He stayed a while longer and ate a bit himself – before flying off.  A thunder storm came in so I left.  The two young eagles were still in the nest.  I am sure that their time back at the nest now that they are flying will be rarer and rare.  I certainly will miss watching them.  It has been an exciting spring.  I hope they both make it.  The first year is the hardest.  The parents will most likely keep an eye on them for a while to make sure they are doing ok – as long as they know where they are.  It is a very vocal time.  I still am amazed that we have eagles so close to home.  I would have never dreamed of seeing them being in NH let alone nesting in New Hampshire, when I was growing up.



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June 21, 2019


Happy First Day of Summer!

I took today and Monday off from work – for a mini-vacation. I spent part of the day at the local eagle nest. It was raining this morning and cloudy most of the day; but, the eaglets were enjoying their day. It won’t be long before they fly. In the photo above – they were both enjoying a strong breeze.


They have started a little branching (jumping up and landing on a branch or back into the nest. Their mom dropped them off lunch (looked like fish).


The Sr. Biologist at NH Audubon said it won’t be long before they fly a couple weeks or less. He also said one may go earlier than the other. When they do fly off – I hope I see them a little in the area before they head off into parts unknown. I will really miss seeing them.


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June 8, 2019


Bears and Eagles – Oh My!

We have heard of bears in my mom’s yard for years – but it has only been since last year (thanks to my trail camera that I have set up there) that we have had photographic proof of bears wandering through her yard – which is far from wilderness.  Luckily – the bear(s) has not done any damage since my mom took in her feeders.  She did lose a couple suet feeders before we knew what was happening.  I put up the trail camera that I had taken down for the winter and we had proof that a bear was getting her suet.

My Uncle Ralph was visiting from Texas when we got the first photos of a bear this year.  It is a pretty big bear too.  No cubs – so that is a good thing because mother bears with cubs in the neighborhood would be a bit unsettling given how protective a mamma bear can be.



Of course – I must give a quick update about the eaglets.  Both eaglets appear to be growing quickly and doing well.  Today – I was there and one of the parents brought in lunch.  I watched for over an hour.  The parent was busy shredding whatever lunch was.  One of the chicks was not a sharer.  It reminded me of the seagulls in FINDING NEMO – “Mine!  Mine!  Mine!”


If you want to watch a short 10 second video that I took today – click here:

Lunch Time

Have a great month, everyone!



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May 26, 2019


The Nest is Hopping

The local eagle nest is hopping with activity lately. This weekend, I saw that there are two eaglets! I am so happy that this year – I have such a great view of the nest! I take the photos from the comfort of my car. Yes – my car! There is an awesome view. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I could be so close to a bald eagle’s nest.

In the photo above, I was watching one of the eaglets who was looking out from the front of the nest. All of a sudden, it looked intently in the distant and screeched. I knew one of the parents must be coming in and sure enough, the female arrived with a gray squirrel for lunch! (See top photo.)


Yesterday – was my first visual of two eaglets. I have only been noticing one – so was thrilled to find out that there were two. Another birder stopped by and told me he saw two – so I was glad I was able to see them too. They grow so quickly. The photos below were taking today.



I feel so blessed to watch this particular eagle pair and their young. I have been watching them for 5 seasons. It is just so wonderful that bald eagles have made such a comeback. The proud mom seen below. I didn’t get a clear shot of the bands – but I do believe it is her (Orange C/K). She has a black mark on her band which I believe I did see.


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April 14, 2019


Grey Ghost Encounter

Yesterday – I had something happen that has been on my wish list for many years – to get a good look and decent photo of a male Northern Harrier! The male is also referred to as a Grey Ghost (for its gray coloring, etc.). It is also a very elusive bird here in New Hampshire. I have only seen one male years ago and it caught me completely by surprise so I only managed a distant photo of its backside. When it passed me it did look at me (I think it laughed at me – lol)and the image has been seared into my brain.

Yesterday, I was at Horseshoe Pond in Concord – seeing if I could see any good ducks, a snow goose, osprey or an eagle. I was looking at the geese when I noticed a strange bird hovering and working the edge of the pond across from me. It didn’t take me long to hear my inside voice screaming “Grey Ghost!” It was about 3:00 pm, and I watched it work the pond.


At one point, it landed on the shore and appeared to be eating something as the geese looked on. It took off after a while and flew to the north end of the pond. The photo below also shows the tell-tale white-rump patch of a Northern Harrier.


To my amazement – the Grey Ghost flew right over my head! I was spinning around like a lunatic trying to get a shot in focus (wires and tree limbs were in the way). He was also flying too close for my huge lens. Luckily – he felt pity on me and circled back so I could get some decent shots. My favorite shot is the shot at the beginning of this post. If you want to see other photos – click my Flickr photostream link on the right of my blog.

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April 12, 2019


‘Tis the Season for Marshmallow Peeps

I love marshmallow peeps. I love torturing marshmallow peeps too.
Above is my latest creation. Yes, I actually own a Godzilla figure (I actually own 2 figures). This one is the 1954 version which is my favorite.

Spring is here and the snow is almost gone in most areas. Easter is a week away. I am trying to limit my intake of sweets – so have only eaten a handful or so of peeps the past month. I have had a few chocolate Lindt gold bunnies – but fairly small ones. Believe it or not – I have lost a little over 7 pounds. I am trying to walk more and eat better and joined Weight Watchers again. I am a lifetime member (I actually reached my goal etc. many years ago). It is a good program. At least when Godzilla eats the marshmallow peeps – I don’t gain weight!

Have a great week everyone!

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April 6, 2019


Things are moving right along at the local nest. Soon there should be little eaglets! Hopefully, it will be a successful nest. They are such majestic birds.

Today, I was at the nest and took the photo above. I also shot a small video that you may be interested in viewing. I posted it to YouTube.

After Noon at the Nest Video

I hope you enjoy the short video!


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March 20, 2019

BW 032019

Full Worm Super Moon

This evening was the Vernal Equinox! Spring has Begun! Yeah! It wasn’t a horrid winter – but I am ready to see green again. It also was the Full Worm Super Moon tonight. Not long after sunset – I drove to Dustin Island and snapped some shots of the moon.

It is a beautiful night!

Happy Spring, Everyone!


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March 3, 2019


Doe a Deer

Believe it or not – I do take photos of things other than eagles. 🙂 Today, I was driving around in search of photographic subjects. I was driving down Elm Street and there was a doe standing in the road. It ran into the woods. I pulled my car over and got my camera. There was no good shot since with so many branches in the way. Luckily – I noticed a bigger doe standing in the woods waiting for the smaller doe. I was able to snap a few shots before they leaped through the woods. She was very healthy looking and big.

I am ready for spring and snow is getting tiresome – even though the winter has not been too bad. (We are getting 3-6 inches tonight.) I had to snap a shot of this unique cyclops snowman at the Never’s house. They are so creative.


And yes, I did see the male eagle delivering soft nesting material to the local nest.


Spring is Coming!

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