Posted by: Debra LaValley | December 31, 2009


12/31/09 Blue Moon

There is less than an hour left in 2009, as I write this. Tonight through the clouds, I caught a glimpse of the blue moon (second full moon this month). It is a rare event for it to happen on New Year’s Eve. It only happens every 19 years. I couldn’t get too good of a shot (I was too lazy to get the tripod) and the sky was cloudy. Maybe in 19 years it will be a clear night. 🙂

As I look to 2010, I think about how many times I have made the same resolutions (to eat healthier, exercise more, and to lose weight). I never quite turn over a new leaf – but I improve a little bit each year. So, I will not be hard on myself for not reaching my goal weight. I did exercise more and ate better most of the time and lost some weight (though a few pounds returned). I will continue the challenge my resolutions bring and welcome the new year with a smile and the wish that all of you Have a Happy and Healthy 2010!


  1. Hey Deb, liked your blog and your thoughts…haven’t seen you since 1972, glad to see you are well, Happy New Year, may the year 2010 be a better one for all of us. ttyl

  2. Nineteen years sounds like such a long time… but when I think of things that happened 19 years ago, it seems like yesterday.

  3. I hear you … Peggie! It is like when you were in grammar school, the summers seemed like forever. Now, the summer seems gone in a wink of an eye!

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