Posted by: Debra LaValley | June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

Where has JUNE gone? I can’t believe that there are only a few more days left of June and the 4th of July is next Sunday!

Tonight feels like July. It is very humid and hazy. We had a few sprinkles but could have used a nice thunderstorm (nothing serious – but a little bit of a lit show – a little rumbling and some rain). I am watching The Crocodile Hunter – Collision Course movie. I remember taking a long lunch when it came out to watch the first showing the day it was released. I greatly admired Steve Irwin. He loved wildlife so much and was such a passionate crusader for wildlife. I felt as if I lost a friend when I heard he died. I know that his work lives on with his family – but I certainly do miss his enthusiastic character. He was such a hoot. The Animal Planet hasn’t been the same since. The movie may be a little goofy – but it has a great message and is entertaining – especially for Stevo fans.

Have a great day and be a Wildlife Warrior and keep Steve’s memory alive 🙂

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