Posted by: Debra LaValley | July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

Liberty Bell Replica - Concord, NH

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Special thanks to all that fought for our country in the fight for our Independence and all who continue to serve and protect us.

July 4th is one of those holidays that bring families together for cookouts or people head out for vacations or fireworks. Last night – I heard various fireworks all around me. Growing up it was illegal to shoot off any kind of fireworks (but folks smuggled in firecrackers and cherry bombs, etc.) – but now they are everywhere and some neighborhood displays are quite wonderful. Most likely, I will be treated to some very nice displays tonight that I will be able to watch from my living room.

Growing up – I remember packing up my father’s old khaki Air Force blanket (I can still remember the wooly smell of that prickly blanket) and some snacks and walk what seemed like miles to get to Memorial Field in Concord. The huge football field would be packed with others all there to watch the annual Concord 4th of July fireworks display. Years, later when my parents starting renting a cabin at Newfound Lake for a week or two every summer over the 4th – we were mesmerized with the Bristol fireworks that where exploded over the lake. These displays spoiled us so much that the Concord fireworks were no longer worth the walk or long wait. Those summers at Newfound Lake (our family calls is “The Lake”) were filled with great memories and great fun. It is such a beautiful area.

We will be heading to my sister Mary Beth’s house this afternoon for her annual 4th of July cookout. There will be quite a gang there and lots of yummy food. It will also be Hot and Humid – another 4th of July “tradition.” I wish she had a pool. I am certain – many will ask her today – when is she going to get a pool and point our exactly where the pool should go 🙂

However, you celebrate Independence Day – I hope that you have a wonderful and safe day. Remember your sunscreen!

God Bless America!

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