Posted by: Debra LaValley | December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015


What Goes Around – Comes Around

On Saturday, I was driving my “Eagle Loop” to see if I could see any eagles.  I didn’t see any eagles, but I saw some acquaintances taking a walk.  One had just had surgery – so I asked how he was doing, etc.  Fellow birders – we were watching a Peregrine Falcon trying to get a pigeon for lunch.  I got out of the car and tried for a photo – but the falcon flew away from us – so my shots were pathetic.  I was told that they had something that belonged to me, and if I followed them to their house, they would give it to me.  I was amazed to be handed an old ruler with 1968 and my name written on it.  I recognized my handwriting immediately and figured that I was in the 6 grade when I had this ruler.  47 years later – it finds its way back to me. So strange!



  1. That is really cool, bet your dad was behind it. Especially it being a ruler! I believe in signs from beyond

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