Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 20, 2016

January 20, 2016


Love is in the Air!

I had heard that a pair of eagles had been seen lately by the old mills. I figured they were the local mated pair that I have been watching for a couple years. I am one of the few who know where their nest is. I am an volunteer eagle observer for the NH Audubon. Monday, I was working from home, and at lunch, I decided to take a quick drive and saw the pair. This is one of the photos. I did manage to see the bands of the male (the one on the right) and confirmed he was Orange A/4 – the male of the local pair. I could make out part of a K on the other bird. Orange A/4’s mate is Orange C/K. This is their 3rd breeding season together. The first season, they had one chick. Last year, they had 2 chicks. I wonder how many they will have this year?

The weekend before was the NH Mid-Winter Eagle Count. I was a volunteer again this year. My route is from the Penacook Waste Water Treatment Plant to the Jamie Welch Field. I saw 3 different eagles (an adult, a sub-adult about 4 years old, and a 3 year old). I never tire of seeing an eagle. They are such awesome birds!



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