Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 23, 2016

January 23, 2016


I saw this cute little Tree Sparrow this afternoon.  I have only seen one – one other time.  I picked up Mom, and on the way to pick up Aunt MaryJane so we could drive to Sydney’s birthday party in Barrington, I went by the spot where I saw the eagle pair on Monday.  They were sitting there again.  My mom said it was the closest she had ever seen an eagle.  She also had the thrill of seeing the pair.


We had a great time in Barrington at the party. It is hard to believe that my niece Sydney is 20 years old! We were glad that the giant snow storm stayed well south of us. It was a grey day – but at least we didn’t have to shovel!

I hope this finds you all well.


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