Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 12, 2019

January 12, 2019


NH Winter Eagle Count

It was another successful Winter Eagle Count for me as a NH Audubon Volunteer. The sky was blue and no clouds in sight – unfortunately it was wicked cold (single digits most of the day). It was about 16 degrees late afternoon but with the wind chill it was only about 5 degrees.

I started just before 8:00 am and saw the pair pictured above almost right away! Unfortunately – I couldn’t get a decent photo. The branches were in the way. But at least – photo proof of the sighting.

I had seven eagle sightings for the day – however, I believe I only saw 3 different birds (the local pair and an immature eagle – of which I only snapped a far off terrible shot).


I had a few single adult eagle sightings like the ones below – but they were in trees frequented by the pair – so I believe they were one of the pair.




Below this eagle was this rooster who was coming at my car.


I drove further down the road and got out to see if I could get a better angle of the eagle and maybe see if it had bands (the local pair both are banded). The rooster stood in the road looking at me and kept cock-a-doodling. It was right under the eagle’s perch. I was wondering if I might see an eagle with a “chicken” dinner. I didn’t. The eagle did not seem interested. At least at that moment. Time will tell!


I can never see enough eagles. They really are stunning birds!

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