Posted by: Debra LaValley | January 26, 2019

January 26, 2019


Who Cooks For You?

I sometimes hear the “Who Cooks For You?” call of the Barred Owl – but I rarely see an owl. In fact, my last photo of an owl was in 2011! I am lucky enough to see eagles often – but the owl is very elusive and hides from me.

I took my mother shopping this morning, and we were heading back home when I noticed an owl sitting in a tree close to the road not far from Market Basket. I mildly cursed as I noticed the owl – because I had no camera, and I couldn’t pull over any way. It is a busy road (Fort Eddy – in Concord). The owl was facing into an empty lot beside the C.A.V.E.S. emergency veterinary hospital.

After- I drove my mom home and brought in her groceries, and I went home and took care of my groceries – I grabbed my camera and drove back to Concord. I have been looking for another owl to photograph for years! I was thrilled to see that the owl was still there when I arrived. I parked down the road to C.A.V.E.S. and walked into the field. There were a lot of thorny bushes – but not much ice – so I slowly headed toward the owl.

I did not get as close as I could have because I did not want to disturb it.
Owls are so mysterious. I love them. What a thrill. It made my day. I usually go out in search of eagles, owls, and otters. Last week – I saw an otter. This weekend – an owl. The two I rarely see. I still love seeing eagles – but what a treat to see the owl. It has been too long! It wasn’t far from where I work. I will have to check back this week to see if the owl is hanging around the area.

It seemed to be winking at me (or sleeping with one eye open). I like that it was dangling one of its talons too. I have seen eagles do that too.


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