Posted by: Debra LaValley | February 24, 2019

February 24, 2019


Signs of Spring

I finally viewed the new location of the local bald eagle pair’s nest.  They moved locations last year – however, I wasn’t sure of the location and couldn’t see it.  (I can’t believe I missed it!)  I couldn’t see the forest through the trees 🙂  As you can see below, the nest is huge!

DSC_4694 Nest

I am not revealing the locations – since it is a very sensitive time for the eagles.  Eagles have very large talons and when there is a nest or young in the nest – they walk around carefully with their talon clenched as to not to hurt them.  If the eagles are disturbed or agitated they may forget to be careful with their talons and hurt the egg or chick.  Enough folks already know of the location.  Some people may not know or may ignore safeguards and nest protocol of a protected species.

Hopefully soon – there will be an egg and the “sitting will begin.”  I am very excited to get better shots of the chick(s) than I have in the past.  Pictured above is the female of the pair – Orange C/K (her bands).   Note the mark on her beak – I didn’t know which of the pair had the mark – but a birder friend confirmed in a shot he got of both and their bands.

I am hoping to get better shots of the nest and the eagles.  A nice crisp blue sky for the background would be lovely.  I took this shot of the female last week.  The lighting etc. was perfect.


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