Posted by: Debra LaValley | October 30, 2021

Gate Night

Not the best Gate Night – but better than 2020! I went to my mom’s to help her. She gave out the candy, and I kept her puggle Toby quiet. He does not like people on his street! I also brought along my jacko’lantern Smilin’ Jack.

Penacook goes Trick or Treating on Gate Night in stead of Halloween Night. Tomorrow, is going to be clear so this year Penacook got the bad weather. Last year because of Covid not many at all trick or treated. We left goodies on a table and watched from inside. Even in the pouring rain – more kids this year. We had 17 trick or treaters – not bad for a dead end road on a very rainy night! Technically 15 kids and two of my friends (Tim & Dianne) who stopped by to bring us homemade cream of broccoli soup – so they deserved a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup each.

Happy Halloween, Everyone! Take care!

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